Best Dyneon PFA 6515UHPZ Fluoroplastic Granules Resins

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Dyneon PFA

Dyneon PFA 6515UHPZ
Dyneon Fluoroplastic Granules PFA 6515UHPZ is a fully florinated copolymer comprising tetrafluoroethylene and perfluorvinylether. Product is UHP Packaged to assure clean, contamination-free product.

PFA 6515UHPZ is an injection moldable PFA for high-purity applications requiring ultra-low levels of metal and ion extraction, such as in the semiconductor market. Demonstrates universal chemical and solvent resistance, high dielectric strength, excellent weathering, flame resistance and a wide service range of temperature resistance.

Generally, Dyneon Fluoroplastic PFA Ultra High Purity grades can be compression-moulded, transfer-moulded, extruded or injection-moulded. Dyneon Ultra High Purity PFA 6515UHPZ, with a Melt-Flow-Index (372 °C/5 kg) of 15 g/10 min, is a material with a low viscosity and is used in high shear processes like wire and cable extrusion and injection moulding, especially when the good mechanical performance needs to be combined with ultra-low levels of extractable ions, making it suitable for critical wet chemical processes in the semiconductor industry.

Dyneon Fluoroplastic PFA 6515UHPZ can be stored for a relatively long period of time provided it is stored in a clean, dry place. Dyneon Fluoroplastic PFA 6515UHPZ is hydrophobic and generally does not require drying before processing unless high humidity conditions create surface moisture absorption (Opened containers should be tightly resealed to prevent dust contamination from static charge accumulation and moisture ingress).

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Dyneon PFA 6515UHPZ


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Dyneon PFA 6515UHPZ

Best Dyneon PFA 6515UHPZ Fluoroplastic Granules Resins