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Polytetrafluoroethylene | PTFE TUBE

1. Name:

PTFE bellows, F4 bellows, PTFE bellows, PTFE bellows, Teflon bellows, Teflon bellows, Teflon bellows, Teflon bellows, Teflon bellows, Teflon corrugated pipe, plastic king corrugated pipe


2. Color:

Common color: milky white tube

Unusual colors: yellow, brown, green, blue, red


3. Purpose

Can be used as tubular reactor and exchanger in special occasions

Can be used as feeding and discharging pipes for tank trucks, storage tanks, containers and reactors

Can be used to replace graphite, ceramic, glass and other pipes with lower mechanical strength

It can be used for pipe misalignment connection or to balance pipe displacement and dimensional changes caused by weather or other reasons or to eliminate high-frequency mechanical vibration


4. Features

Common features:

Operating temperature: -200 degrees to 260 degrees

Ease of processing: can flanging

High transparency: the lowest refractive index among all plastics

Aging resistance: can be exposed to ozone and sunlight for a long time without aging

Corrosion resistance: It can withstand all strong acids and strong oxidants except molten alkali metals, fluorinated media and those above 300°.

The role of strong reducing agent and various organic solvents


Unusual features:

Density: 2.16-2.20g/cm³

Volume resistance>1×1018

Surface resistance>2×1013

Arc resistance> 165 seconds without leakage

Low water absorption: water absorption rate <0.1%

Lowest coefficient of friction: the smallest coefficient of friction

The surface is not sticky: the known solid material head cannot stick to the surface

Non-combustibility: Will not burn in the air and meet the strict requirements for fire protection

Non-toxic: non-toxic, tasteless, physiologically inert, without any harm to people and the environment


5. Common specifications: outer diameter (unit: mm) other specifications can be customized

Metric system: outer diameter 6mm 8mm 10mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 38mm 60mm, etc.

British system: 1/8 inch 1/4 inch 3/8 inch

1/2 inch 3/4 inch 1 inch

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Polytetrafluoroethylene | PTFE TUBE

Best Teflon bellows | Polytetrafluoroethylene | PTFE TUBE