(PTFE) Best Polymist F-284 (PTFE F284) Polytetrafluoroethylene Resin

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Polymist F-284

Polymist micronized powders are a family of PTFE powders specially developed for use as additives in other materials. They are finely divided, low molecular weight PTFE powders used to enhance processing or end-use performance properties of host products and base resins. Even at low percentages the use of these micronized powders will impart some of the properties of PTFE to the host material.

Polymist and Algoflon L PTFE micronized powders are free flowing powders used as additives in a wide range of materials such as thermoplastics, coatings and paints, inks, elastomers and lubricants (i.e., greases, oils, dry lubricants) to enhance processing or end-use performance characteristics.

Polymist F284 is a white micronized PTFE powder composed of discrete particles. Available worldwide, Polymist F284 is a medium molecular weight grade with excellent thermal stability, designed for use in critical high temperature engineering and high perfomance polymers. As with all Polymist micronized powders, F284 offers excellent chemical and temperature resitence, low surface energy, low coeffcient of friction and good dispersion ability.

Main features of Polymist F284 are:
– Better wear resistance
– Increased pressure x velocity (PV) limits
– Reduced friction
– Improved stick-slip response
– Improved mold release.

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Polymist F-284


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Polymist F-284

(PTFE) Best Polymist F-284 (PTFE F284) Polytetrafluoroethylene Resin