Unitika U-Polymer U-8400 (U8400) PAR Resins

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U polymer is a super engineering plastic commercialized by UNITIKA in advance to any other companies in the world. With its excellent properties, U polymer is used in a variety of applications including precision devices, automobiles, machines, medical devices, foods, and daily commodities. UNITIKA is also developing various other grades that satisfy the specific needs of customers by applying the favorable properties of the polyarylate resin (U polymer) developed with all technical resources of UNITIKA and using the UNITIKA’s proprietary compounding technology.


1. Transparency and heat resistance
U polymer has the highest-level heat resistance among transparent resins available (deflection temperature under load: 1.8 MPa at 175°C) and the transparency as high as PC or PMMA, transmitting almost 90% light.
2. Elastic recovery
U polymer exhibits excellent elastic recovery, and has a high allowable strain ratio and thus may be used as springs in a wider range of length. U polymer is also excellent in creep properties and retains the properties as spring for an extended period of time.
3. Weather Resistance
Because UV irradiation increases the UV-blocking property of U polymer, U polymer exhibits excellent weather resistance without addition of any additives for improving weather resistance. (Although there is some yellowing, there is almost no change in physical properties, transparency, or others.)
4. Flame resistance
U polymer is approved as UL94 V-2 (0.75 mm) without addition of any flame retardants. (Standard grade)

UNITIKA U-Polymer U-8400
PAR Resins

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U-Polymer U-8400 U-Polymer U-8400


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U-Polymer U-8400

Unitika U-Polymer U-8400 (U8400) PAR Resins