Best Daikin Neoflon ETFE EP-521 (EP521) Fluoropolymers Resin

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Daikin ETFE is an alternating copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. Although not fully fluorinated like PTFE, FEP and PFA, ETFE maintains many of the high performance characteristics such has high temperature (continuous service temperature of 150 Deg C), 20-year weathering, very good electrical properties,

and very good chemical inertness. And, ETFE is tougher and more abrasion resistant than the fully fluorinated products, making it ideally suited for demanding applications such as oil and gas down hole cable and umbilicals, low permeation automotive fuel tubing, aerospace wire and cable, and photovoltaic top sheets films.

ETFE is also widely used for release films used in the manufacture of carbon fiber composites. ETFE is melt processible and Daikin provides grades with a range of melt flow index to suit your manufacturing process. Daikin also makes ETFE that can be adhered to polyamide for multilayer tubing without the use of adhesive or tie layer.

Neoflon ETFE EP-521 was developed for extrusion of thin coatings of small wire sizes such as aerospace wire, automotive wire, appliance wire, thin film and tubing, etc. It may also be used for injection molding of thin wall parts.


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Daikin Neoflon ETFE EP-521 Daikin Neoflon ETFE EP-521


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Daikin Neoflon ETFE EP-521

Best Daikin Neoflon ETFE EP-521 (EP521) Fluoropolymers Resin