Sabic Noryl N190X Natural/Black Engineering Plastics

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The NORYL family of modified PPE resins consists of amorphous blends of PPO™resin (polyphenylene ether) and polystyrene. They combine the inherent benefits of PPO resin (affordable high heat resistance, good electrical properties, excellent hydrolytic stability and the ability to use non-halogen FR packages), with excellent dimensional stability, good processibility and low specific gravity.
NORYL resins offer a good balance of mechanical and chemical properties, and may be suitable for a wide variety of applications.


is PPE+PS blend. Unfilled. Non-brominated, non-chlorinated FR system. UL94 V0/5VA rated. RTI Elec/Imp/Str 95/80/95. Dielectric strength. Suitable for E/E market applications.

Sabic Noryl N190X Natural/Black

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Noryl N190X

Sabic Noryl N190X Natural/Black Engineering Plastics