(LCP) Vectra E463I Natural/Black Liquid Crystal Polymer Resin

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Vectra LCP

Vectra E463I Natural/Black

Vectra E463I is40% glass/mineral filled exellent flow, low warpage, high heat resistance.
Inherently flame retardant
UL-Listing V-0 all colors at 1.5mm thickness per UL 94 flame testing.
Relative-Temperature-Index (RTI) according to UL 746B: electricals 130°C, mechanicals 130°C.

Vectra liquid crystal polymer (LCP) is a family of halogen-free, high-performance polymers that provide high-temperature performance in eco-friendly thin-wall applications with exceptionally precise and stable dimensions.

These highly crystalline, thermotropic (melt-orienting) thermoplastics are distinguished from semicrystalline plastics by their special molecular structure, which consists of rigid, rod-like macromolecules that are ordered in the melt phase to form liquid crystal structures.

Product Properties:
Service temperature up to 240°C, short term up to 340°C
Very close tolerances possible (to tolerance class T6)
Very low heat of fusion (short cycle times possible)
Flash-free injection molding
Very high tensile strength (to 200 MPa) and tensile modulus (to 30,000 MPa)
Very low coefficient of thermal expansion comparable with that of steel and ceramics
Inherently flame-resistant (UL 94 V-0, some grades with 5 VA)
Halogen-free without additives
Very good resistance to chemicals and oxidation

Injection molding

LCPs have replaced stainless steel in medical applications with several grades compliant with USP Class VI guidelines and ISO 10993.They are resistant to gamma radiation,steam autoclaving and most chemical sterilization methods.

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Vectra E463I Natural/Black Vectra E463I Natural/Black


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Vectra E463I Natural/Black

(LCP) Vectra E463I Natural/Black Liquid Crystal Polymer Resin