Fluoropolymers AGC Chemicals Fluon ETFE C-88AXP (C88AXP) Resins

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Fluon ETFE
Fluoropolymer Resins

AGC Chemicals Fluon ETFE C-88AXP

The mechanical and electrical insulation properties of ETFE are outstanding. It maintains stable mechanical and electrical properties while exposed to temperatures ranging from -200°C to +150°C. Superior tensile elongation and strength ensure no breakage by impact at room temperature. It is even resistant to low-temperature impact down to at least -80° C. Tolerant to almost all chemical agents and solvents,AGC Fluon ETFE resins are also resistant to ultra-violet light, ideal for outdoor applications.

Supplied as standardin pellet form, Fluon ETFE resins can be processed by extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding.

Applications include wire and cable coating for automotive applications, robotics and electronic equipment, tubes, films, sheets, tape and parts for the semi-conductor industry.

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Fluon ETFE C-88AXP


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Fluon ETFE C-88AXP

Fluoropolymers AGC Chemicals Fluon ETFE C-88AXP (C88AXP) Resins