Dyneon FEP 6322Z Best Fluoroplastic Granules Resins

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Dyneon FEP 6322Z
DyneonFluoroplastic Granules FEP 6322Z is a fully fluorinated copolymer designed for ultra-high speed extrusion for wire insulation. It can be injection molded, especially where thin-walled parts are needed. This product offers a combination of high-speed processability and exceptionally low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, making it ideal for data communications cable insulation.

Properties and Applications
DyneonFluoroplastic Granules FEP 6322Z is mainly used as electric wire insulation due to its dielectric properties and combustion resistance. It has ultra-high extrusion speed and a wide processing window, which helps make it easy to process and use. Because of these properties, this product performs very well as a primary insulation for plenum rated electrical data communication cables. Additionally, it can be injection molded — particularly where the user needs very good flow to fill thin sections.

Product Form and Packaging
FEP 6322Z is supplied in pellet form. It is packaged in either 25 kg PE bags or 250 kg HDPE drums with a moisture and dust-proof PE liner.

Storage and Material Handling
FEP 6322Z is hydrophobic, and generally does not require drying before processing unless high
humidity conditions create surface moisture adsorption.

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Dyneon FEP 6322Z


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Dyneon FEP 6322Z

Dyneon FEP 6322Z Best Fluoroplastic Granules Resins