Better Chemours Tefzel ETFE 280 Fluoroplastic Resin

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Tefzel ETFE 280
Fluoroplastic Resin

Tefzel ETFE 280 is a premium fluoroplastic resin available in translucent, 2.5-mm (0.1-in) pellets. Compared with other grades of Tefzel , its most unique features are relatively low flow rate, greatly enhanced flex life, and resistance to environmental stress. Tefzel ETFE 280 and the other Tefzel fluoroplastics are melt processible, modified copolymers of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. They are high performance resins that can be processed at relatively high rates, compared with fluorocarbon resins. They are mechanically tough and offer an excellent balance of properties.

Typical Applications:
Tefzel ETFE 280 is ideal for many end products, including chemical service items, such as lined valves and fittings, pump housings and impellers, column packings, and other abrasionresistant linings; high temperature electrical components and insulation; fasteners, corrugated tubing, and duct work; and film.

Tefzel ETFE 280 can be processed by conventional meltextrusion techniques and injection, compression, transfer, and blow molding processes. Compared with other grades of Tefzel, processing will be at a slower rate. Also, the melt viscosity of all grades of Tefzel is reduced with increasing shear rate; thus, permitting the use of pressure extrusions through narrow dies without requiring appreciable draw-down. Reciprocating screw injection molding machines are preferred. Corrosion-resistant metals should be used in contact with molten resin. Extruder barrels should be long, relative to diameter, to provide residence time for heating the resin to approximately 340 °C (640 °F).

Storage and Handling
The properties of Tefzel ETFE 280 resins are not affected by storage time. Ambient storage conditions should be designed to avoid airborne contamination and the formation of water condensation on the resin when it is removed from containers.

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Chemours Tefzel ETFE 280

Better Chemours Tefzel ETFE 280 Fluoroplastic Resin