Better PTFE 6C X (6CX) Fluoroplastic Resin

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Fluoroplastic Resin

PTFE 6C X is a polytetrafluoroethylene fine powder resin used primarily for paste extrusion.
PTFE 6C X is designed for processing at medium to high reduction ratios (250:1 to 2000:1). It is particularly suitable for production of wire coating, jacketing, and tubing at fast sintering rates. PTFE 6C X meets the requirements of ASTM D4895, Type I, Grade 3, Class E.

Typical Applications
PTFE 6C X is mainly used for wire and cable insulation and tubes with thin wall tubing, such as spaghetti tubing.

PTFE 6C X is extruded using a liquid processing aid suchas naphtha. In the paste extrusion process, the powder ismixed with a lubricant aid and then compressed into a cylindrical preform slug under light pressure (1.5-2.0 MPa [220-290 psi]). The preform slug is placed in the cylinder of a paste extruder, where the composition is forced under high pressure through a finishing die to produce beading, tubing, or wire coatings. After extrusion, the product is a low-density, but coherent, fibrous structure.

PTFE 6C X is usually processed further, with heat, into a solid resin product such as tubing. Heat is applied in two steps, which may be taken in-line with extrusion or separately. The lubricant must be removed first, usually by heating within the range of 100-300 °C (212-572 °F). A sintering step follows to melt the resin above its melting point of approximately 342 °C (648 °F) and produce the void-free, solid PTFE resin.

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Better PTFE 6C X Better PTFE 6C X Better PTFE 6C X


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Better PTFE 6C X

Better PTFE 6C X (6CX) Fluoroplastic Resin