Special Engineering Plastics—— PEEK


Special Engineering Plastics—— PEEK

Special Engineering Plastics—— PEEK

PEEK, polyether ether ketone, English poly (ether-ether-ketone) , is a special polymer material, is a kind of polymer whose main chain repeating unit is composed of a ketone bond and two ether bonds .As a member of polyketone polymers (PEK, PEEK, PEEKK, PEKK, PEKEKK), PEEK is the most widely used and mass-produced special engineering plastic, with high temperature resistance, self-lubricating, chemical resistance, easy processing and Excellent comprehensive performance such as high mechanical strength.Compared with other special engineering plastics, PEEK’s many significant advantages make it widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electrical and electronic, medical equipment and food processing and other fields.

PEEK Market Consumption Supply and Demand Overview

  1. International market consumption analysis

Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region are the main areas of global PEEK consumption. The largest market is Europe, and its related industries are relatively mature.

The production of PEEK is mainly concentrated in the United Kingdom, India and China, and the main import countries are the United States, Japan and South Korea. The high-end precision injection molding parts industry in these countries is relatively developed, and PEEK, a special engineering plastic, is mainly used in high-end industries.

In terms of the industrial chain, the upstream of PEEK is the chemical raw material and chemical fiber manufacturing industry, and the downstream is used in transportation, aerospace, electronic information, energy and industry, medical and health industries .

In recent years, due to the rapid development of China’s economy and technology, and the continuous upgrading of the industry, China’s PEEK market consumption has increased year by year, and it has become the largest PEEK consumption market outside Europe and the United States, and the growth rate far exceeds the global average level. Showing a situation of local high growth.

  1. Domestic market demand analysis

As the production capacity of various industries (including global electronic information, automobiles, aerospace, etc.) continues to shift to the Asia-Pacific region, the growth rate of PEEK consumption in the Asia-Pacific region far exceeds that in Europe, especially the rapid growth of the PEEK market in China.

tons in 2012 to 1,980 tons in 2021, with an average annual compound growth rate of 42.84%. The growth rate of China’s PEEK market is several times the average growth rate of the global market.

China National Chemical Industry Information Center has predicted that China’s demand for PEEK will maintain a growth rate of 15-20% in the next five years, and domestic PEEK consumption will reach 3,354 tons by 2026.

PEEK production companies

Looking at the PEEK industry at home and abroad, many manufacturers specializing in research, development and production stand out in the fierce market competition and become the current global leader in the PEEK industry. Next, I will introduce 10 well-known Chinese and foreign PEEK manufacturers. The company and its current situation are for your reference.

In 2019, Zhongyan ’s PEEK global market share was 6%, ranking fourth in the world; the company’s PEEK resin sales in 2021 will be 622.74 tons, with a domestic market share of 31.45%, ranking first in China. Its PEEK pure resin powder is mainly used in the sealing field, including transportation (bearings, gaskets, clutch rings, etc.), petroleum fields (insulating rings, sealing rings, etc.), electronic and electrical fields, etc.


Victrex, headquartered in the UK, has branches in more than 30 countries around the world . It is the global leader in polyether ether ketone and polyarylether ketone solutions , the world’s largest PEEK manufacturer, and has offices in the UK, Japan and China. It has a technology center and has more than 40 years of R&D and production experience.Victrex has a complete range of products. In addition to Victrex PEEK150, 380, 450 conventional product series, there are also high-fluidity grades, self-lubricating grades, and high- purity grades . The product forms cover powder, granular, fiber, carbon fiber and glass. Fiber reinforced, etc. At the same time, it also produces Vicote coating series, APTIV film series and various pipe products.


Solvay Group, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is a multinational chemical group founded in 1863 by Belgian chemist Ernest Solvay. The group is listed on NYSE Euronext in Brussels and Paris.In 2008, Solvay Group put into operation the first PEEK commercial plant in India, with a production capacity of 500t/year. In 2012, Solvay Group increased the production of PEEK and PAEK (polyaryletherketone) polymers in India by 70% %, at the same time, another important research and development center was established in Savli , India .Since its establishment in 1997, the Solvay China Research and Innovation Center in Shanghai has become the third largest research center in the world for Solvay. Solvay PEEK is used in a wide range of applications including additive manufacturing , aerospace, automotive, healthcare, oil and gas and semiconductors.

Evonik Industries AG

Evonik, headquartered in Essen, Germany , has production bases in 28 countries and its business covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world.In 2021, the group invested 464 million euros in research and development, and has about 24,000 existing and pending patents. In 2021, it will generate sales of about 15 billion euros and an operating profit of 2.383 billion euros.At the end of 2004, German Evonik Industrial Group acquired 80% of the shares of China Changchun Jida High Functional Materials Co., Ltd. and established Jida Evonik High Performance Polymer (Changchun) Co., Ltd., which is committed to providing PEEK and other chemicals for related fields.

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