Nylon PA12 (plastic) Rilsamid Polyamide 12 Resin Characteristics and applications

Nylon PA12 (plastic) Rilsamid Polyamide 12 Resin Characteristics and applications

What is Nylon 12?

The Nylon PA12 (plastic) things published with Sculpteo are produced from a fine polyamide powder, more generally called plastic. Nylon PA12 (Plastic) is excellent for both skilled specialists as well as starting developers as a result of its high precision and also low cost. The great mechanical properties of this nylon material will be for advanced additive manufacturing jobs and also can even substitute shot molding plastics. Thanks to its low focus of amides, it has little wetness absorption, which implies a great resistance to chemicals.

The technical properties of this product likewise depend on the density of the 3D design you have actually produced. Our 3D printing plastics have different flexible modulus measurements. You will find much more technical information concerning tensile stamina, flexural strength, or deflection temperature in the technological sector of this material page.

Rugged, this product is white, granular, and somewhat permeable when it is directly appearing of our commercial 3D printers- these alternatives can be additional improved with Sculpteo’s in home sprucing up as well as dyeing processes.


Applications: What can you acheive with this product?

This material is well utilized in the 3D printing sector, as it permits rapid prototyping as well as completed consumer products. Prototyping with Nylon PA12 (plastic) is a good service because this 3D printing product is less costly as well as faster than various other processes. You just have to change your layout with your 3D software program and also make new versions. It is a common 3D printing material used for different applications and has really high quality standards.

The biocompatibility of this 3D printing product allows to 3D print things for clinical applications, such as 3D printed prostheses. The high abrasion resistance of this material likewise permits the production of movable part connections such as equipments or hinges.

This material has a great UV resistance, making it suitable to develop components that are versatile to every weather condition.


The printing cost of your style is computed immediately the moment it is positioned online. As you customize your object (transforming dimension, making use of batch control or hollowing feature, etc) you will keep in mind that the rate changes automatically. The rates is based on a series of variables, consisting of total quantity, item size, and bounding box– to name a few.

White, unpolished Nylon PA12 (plastic) has the quickest reverse time of our materials. Sprucing up, painting and especially huge things can expand the handling time. The estimated shipping time is also calculated immediately as the object is posted.

Distribution time must be added to refining time and depends on the distribution option you pick.

You will have the selection among three distribution alternatives: affordable, typical, express. Your choice will always affect the price of your order.

What regarding the Nylon 12 3D printing process?

Sculpteo utilizes a layer by layer procedure called Careful Laser Sintering (SLS) for all Nylon polyamide 12 (plastic) prints.

The Selective Laser Sintering innovation utilizes a highly specific laser that sinters slim layers of polyamide PA12 powder together one layer at a time. After each round of lasering, the printing bed is lowered as well as an additional layer of powder is equally brushed up throughout the top for an additional round of sintering. This process is duplicated at a layer height of either 100– 120 µm or 60 µm till the object is finished.

Finishings offered.

There are numerous coloring as well as completing alternatives available via Sculpteo consisting of dyeing, brightening, painting, chemical smoothing, and our unique Color Touch and also Shade Resist processes.

Finishing choices offered after the additive manufacturing process:.

Raw: Sandblasted however rugged, the surface stays rather rough, it is one of the most affordable option, perfect for your rapid prototyping procedure.

Refined: Sleek via mechanical polishing, smoother to touch, layers still somewhat noticeable on rounded objects.

Chemical Smoothing: Smoothed via a physicochemical procedure, the things do with our unique Smoothing Beautifier process have a shiny surface area. This all new procedure aims at closing the void between the surface high quality of injection built components as well as 3D published parts. The process brings smoothing to every area of the things and functions by securing the porous surface of your Nylon PA12 (plastic) part.

This coating is recommended for organic forms, figurines, however likewise for electronic rooms. The Smoothing Beautifier provides a surface coating that is as smooth as injection-molded surfaces. As a result of the nature of this copyrighted procedure, the result might differ from one component to another. The physicochemical reaction can without a doubt generate some transformation on the component such as small geometrical changes or a loss of details. Styles that include extremely elaborate geometries, hollowed components or sharp angles or edges can endure appearance transformations.

Colored with Shade Resist finish: A dyeing finish with a matte appearance that resists friction and also allows for even more constant shade in between different manufacturing batches.

Colored with Color Touch surface: This surface is offered just after contacting our Sales group for personalizing your order. With this dyeing completing your 3D printed part gets a satin look. It endures day-to-day handling and also is the perfect coating for components that are revealed to external problems, scratching as well as massaging.





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