Victrex PEEK 650G Polyetheretherketone Resins222

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Product Details


VICTREX PEEK polymers are at the forefront of defining future performance. These high performance thermoplastics, available in pellet and powder forms, have delivered reliability in a wide range of challenging applications. VICTREX HT™ polymer and VICTREX ST™ polymer have a proven track record of extending the performance envelope in higher temperature environments.

1.Reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact with lighter solutionsIncrease part lifetime through resilient performance across a broad temperature range
2.Enhance component durability with excellent wear and abrasion resistance
3.Reduce downtime and component failure with resistance to harsh chemicals and natural elements
4.Rely on long-term mechanical properties and dimensional stability
5.Meet strict safety requirements with low fire, smoke and toxicity emissions
6.Greater part integrity due to excellent barrier properties against fluids and gases.


Victrex PEEK 90GVictrex PEEK 90CA30

Victrex PEEK 150GVictrex PEEK 150CA30

Victrex PEEK 151GVictrex PEEK 450CA20

Victrex PEEK 381GVictrex PEEK 450CA30

Victrex PEEK 450GVictrex PEEK 450CA40

Victrex PEEK 650GVictrex PEEK 650CA30

Victrex PEEK 90GL30Victrex PEEK 90HMF20

Victrex PEEK 90GL30 BlkVictrex PEEK 90HMF40

Victrex PEEK 90GL60Victrex PEEK 150FC30

Victrex PEEK 150GL15Victrex PEEK 450FC30

Victrex PEEK 150GL20Victrex PEEK 150FW30

Victrex PEEK 150GL30Victrex PEEK 450FE20

Victrex PEEK 150GL30 BlkVictrex PEEK ESD 101

Victrex PEEK 450GL15Victrex PAEK WG 101

Victrex PEEK 450GL20Victrex PAEK WG 102

Victrex PEEK 450GL30Victrex PEEK APTIV FILMS 1000Series

Victrex PEEK 450GL30 BlkVictrex PEEK APTIV FILMS 1100 Series

Victrex PEEK 650GL30Victrex PEEK APTIV FILMS 1300 Series Black Film

Victrex PEEK 150G903 BlkVictrex PEEK APTIV FILMS 2000 Series

Victrex PEEK 450G903 BlkVictrex PEEK APTIV FILMS 2100 Series

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Victrex PEEK 650G Polyetheretherketone Resins222