Lubrizol TPU Estane 2103-84AEN /2103-85AE/ 2103-90A /2103-90AE resins

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Product DetailsEstane TPU

Product DetailsEstane TPU

The Estane TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) product line consists of polyester, polyether and specialty adhesive compounds. The Estane TPU portfolio bridges the gap between flexible rubber and rigid plastics.

The Estane 2000 thermoplastic polyurethane series is a complete TPU product line consisting of polyester, polyether and specialty compounds previously known as "Pellethane TPU."

Estane TPU Other Types:

Estane 2102 75A77A

Estane 2102 80A84A

Estane 2102 90A94A

Estane 2102-55D58D

Estane 2103 75 DS TPU76D

Estane 2103-55D TPU55D

Estane 2103-65D TPU64D

Estane 2103-70A TPU72A

Estane 2103-80AE TPU82A

Estane 2103-80AEF D TPU86A

Estane 2103-80AEN TPU83A

Estane 2103-80PF D TPU84A

Estane 2103-84AEN TPU82A

Estane 2103-85AE TPU88A

Estane 2103-90A TPU92A

Estane 2103-90AE TPU90A

Estane 2103-90AEFH TPU92A

Estane 2103-90AEL TPU92A

Estane 2103-90AENH TPU90A

Estane 2355-75A TPU83A

Estane 2355-80AE TPU85A

Estane 2355-85ABR TPU87A

Estane 2355-95AE TPU94A

Estane 2355-95AEF TPU94A

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TPU Estane 2103-84AEN

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TPU Estane 2103-84AEN

Lubrizol TPU Estane 2103-84AEN /2103-85AE/ 2103-90A /2103-90AE resins