DuPont ETFE Tefzel HT-2183 Fluoroplastic Resin

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Product Details

ETFE TefzelHT-2183


Product Details

ETFE TefzelHT-2183

Fluoroplastic Resin

Tefzel ETFE HT-2183 is a premium fluoroplastic resin available in translucent, 2.5-mm (0.1-in) pellets. Compared with other grades of Tefzel , its most unique features are a greatly enhanced flex life and resistance to environmental stress. Tefzel ETFE HT-2183 and the other Tefzel™ fluoroplastics are melt processible, modified copolymers of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. They are high-performance resins that can be processed at relatively high rates, compared with other fluorocarbon resins. They are mechanically tough and offer an excellent balance of properties. Table 1 shows typical property data for Tefzel ETFE HT-2183.

Typical Applications:
Tefzel ETFE HT-2183 is ideal for many end products, including chemical service items, such as lined valves and fittings, pump housings and impellers, column packings, and other abrasionresistant linings; high temperature electrical components and insulation; fasteners, corrugated tubing, and duct work; and film.

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Tefzel HT-2183

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Tefzel HT-2183

DuPont ETFE Tefzel HT-2183 Fluoroplastic Resin