(PSU) Ultrason S 1010 (S1010) NAT Natural Black Polysulfone Resins

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Ultrason S PSU

Ultrason S 1010 Resin

Ultrason is used in high-quality parts and highly stressed mass-produced items because of its broad range of properties. Consequently, Ultrason can replace thermoset materials, metals and ceramics.

Ultrason grades are high-temperature resistant, amorphous thermoplastics derived from polysulfone (PSU), polyethersulfone (PESU) and polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). Their wide spectrum of properties allows them to be molded into high-quality engineering parts and highly stressed mass-produced articles.

So Ultrason is suitable for many applications in automotive construction, in the food and household sectors, but also for membranes used for water filtration as well as electric and electronic components.

Processing Guidelines
1.Material Handling
Max. Water content:0.02%
Ultrason pellets can absorb moisture very rapidly and must be dried before processing. A vacuum or dry air oven operating at 130-150°C (266-302°F) is recommended. Circulating air ovens are unsuitable. Drying time is dependent on moisture level, however the materials must be dried at least 4 hours. Further information concerning safe handling procedures can be obtained from the Safety Data Sheet. Alternatively, please contact your BASF representative.

2.Typical Profile
Melt Temperature 340-390°C (644-734°F)
Mold Temperature 140-180°C (284-356°F)
Injection and Packing Pressure 35-125 bar (500-1500 psi)

3.Mold Temperatures
Injection pressure controls the filling of the part and should be applied for 90% of ram travel. Packing pressure affects the final part and can be used effectively in controlling sink marks and shrinkage. It should be applied and maintained until the gate area is completely frozen off.
Back pressure can be utilized to provide uniform melt consistency and reduce trapped air and gas.

Fast fill rates are recommended to ensure uniform melt delivery to the cavity and prevent premature freezing. Surface appearance is directly affected by injection rate.

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Ultrason S 1010


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Ultrason S 1010

(PSU) Ultrason S 1010 (S1010) NAT Natural Black Polysulfone Resins