POM Delrin 520MP/ 525GR/ 527UV/ 527UVE/ 570/ 577 Natural or Black Resins

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DuPont POM 520MP 525GR



DuPont POM
POM material is the abbreviation of chemical name polyoxymethylene, also known as its polyoxymethylene, also known as saigang and Trane. POM is a kind of high crystalline polymer, the main structural unit is crystalline thermoplastic resin composed of (- ch2-o -). POM includes homopolymer composed of molecular chain of polyoxymethylene formed by formaldehyde, copolymer composed of trimer of formaldehyde trioxane and ethylene oxide. It is a kind of high crystalline polymer with smooth surface, luster, water absorption, small size stability, wear resistance, high strength, good self lubrication, good coloring ability, oil resistance and peroxide resistance.
Material grade: Delrin 520MP NC010 Delrin 525GR BK000 Delrin 525GR NC000 Delrin 527UV BK701 Delrin 527UV NC010 Delrin 527UVE RD402Delrin 570NC000 Delrin 577 BK000
Package available: 25kgs per bag

520MP 525GR

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