Polyplastics LCP Laperos S475 VF2001/ BK010P

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Product Details

PolyPlastics LAPEROS LCP Resins


Product Details

PolyPlastics LAPEROS LCP Resins

Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) exhibits a highly ordered structure in both the melt and solid states. LCP can replace such materials as ceramics, metals, composites and other plastics because of its outstanding strength at extreme temperatures and resistance to virtually all chemicals, weathering, radiation and burning.


CharacteristicGradeColor No.UL94

GF reinforcedA130VF2001/BK010PV-0

High stiffnessA150VF2001/BK210PV-0

Low anisotropyA150BVF2001/BK213PV-0

Low warpageA150FBK013PV-0

CF reinforcedA230BK430PV-0

Low warpage, High stiffnessA410VF2001/BK010PV-0

Low wearA430VF2002/BK010PV-0

Low warpage, High stiffnessA470BK210PV-0

GF reinforcedB130VF2001/BK010PV-0

CF reinforcedB230BK430PV-0

Mineral reinforced, WhitenessC400VF2001V-0

Chopped glass fiber reinforced, EncapsulationD130MBK010PV-0

GF reinforced, High flowE130GVF2201/BK210PV-0

GF reinforcedE130iVF2201/BK210P/BK205PV-0

Low warpage, Low anisotropyE463iVF2201/BK210PV-0

Low warpageE471iVF2201/BK210PV-0

Low warpage, High flowE473iVF2201/BK210PV-0


Good dimensional stabilityE480iVF2201/BK210PV-0

Low warpage, Low anisotropyE481iVF2201/BK210PV-0

GF reinforcedGA130VF2201/BK210PV-0

Low warpage, Low anisotropyGA481VF2201/BK210PV-0

Low warpage, Super High FlowHA475VF2201/BK210PV-0

GF reinforcedS135VF2001/BK010PV-0

GF reinforced, High flowS140MVF2001/BK010PV-0

High stiffnessS150VF2001/BK010PV-0

Low warpageS471VF2001/BK010PV-0

Low warpage, Super high flowS475VF2001/BK010PV-0

GF reinforcedT130VF2001/BK005PV-0

Glass fiber reinforced, High stiffnessT150BK005PV-0

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S475 VF2001

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S475 VF2001

Polyplastics LCP Laperos S475 VF2001/ BK010P