PEEK plate plastic PEEK board Peek materials plate

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Specifications Plate:thickness * width * height=6~90mm*620mm*1250mm


Specifications Plate:thickness * width * height=6~90mm*620mm*1250mm

Specifications rod:
diameter * height=6~200mm*1000mm

PEEK plate/rod is extruded from PEEK raw material.PEEK plate/rod not only has better heat resistance than other high temperature resistant plastics,but also high,strength,high modulus,high fracture toughness and excellent dimensional stability. PEEK rod has good toughness,excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress,which is the most outstanding among all plastics,comparable to alloy materials


1. corrosion resistance and aging resistance
2. Anti solubility
3. High temperature, high frequency and high voltage electrical performance conditions
4. Both toughness and rigidity
5. Size requirement and precision condition
6. Radiation resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance
7. It is resistant to hydrolysis and has excellent properties under high temperature and high pressure
8. Replace metal with light weight as optical fiber component
9. Good wear resistance, antistatic and electrical insulation performance
10. High mechanical strength components
11. Low emission of smoke and toxic gas.

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PEEK plate plastic PEEK board Peek materials plate