(PBT) Ultradur B4300 C3 LS /B4300 G2 LS/ B4300 G3 LS/B4300 G4 LS/ B4300 G4 FC Natural Black Resin

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Ultradur B4300 C3 LS /B4300 G2 LS/ B4300 G3 LS/B4300 G4 LS/ B4300 G4 FC Natural Black Resin

Ultradur PBT

Ultradur B4300 C3
Ultradur B4300 C3 LS
Ultradur B4300 G2
Ultradur B4300 G2 LS
Ultradur B4300 G3
Ultradur B4300 G3 LS
Ultradur B4300 G4
Ultradur B4300 G4 LS
Ultradur B4300 G4 FC

Ultradur is line of partially crystalline, thermoplastic, saturated polyesters derived from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). They are employed as materials for high-quality technical components in many industry sectors.

Key advantages of Ultradur:
High rigidity and strength
Very good dimensional stability under heat
Low water absorption
Good resistance to many chemicals
Exceptional resistance to weathering
Excellent heat aging behavior

Ultradur shows its strengths wherever high-quality and above all heavy-duty parts are required-for example in the automotive industry, in the electrics and electronic sectors. The range of applications which benefit from these properties of Ultradur in both industry and everyday life is vast. A feature that is particularly important is the low water absorption and thus the fact that the mechanical and electrical properties are largely independent of the moisture content or the climatic surrounding conditions. Particularly for components that are safety-relevant and have to work reliably for the entire lifetime of a component, Ultradur is indispensable.

The most important applications of Ultradur are automotive engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications as well as precision engineering and general mechanical engineering. For these applications, a variety of Ultradur types is available.

Ultradur can be processed by all methods known for thermoplastics. The main methods, however, are injection molding and extrusion. Complex moldings are economically manufactured in large numbers from Ultradur by injection molding. The extrusion process is used to produce film, semi-finished products, pipes, profiled parts, sheet and monofilaments. Semi-finished products are for the most part machined further by means of cutting tools to form finished moldings.

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Ultradur B4300 C3 LS


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Ultradur B4300 C3 LS

(PBT) Ultradur B4300 C3 LS /B4300 G2 LS/ B4300 G3 LS/B4300 G4 LS/ B4300 G4 FC Natural Black Resin