PA66 Ultramid A3WG6 UN/BK20560 polyamide Resins

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BASF PA6 Ultramid B3LBASF PA6 Ultramid B3M6BASF PA6 Ultramid B3S


BASF PA6 Ultramid B3LBASF PA6 Ultramid B3M6BASF PA6 Ultramid B3S
BASF PA6 Ultramid B3E2G9BASF PA6 Ultramid B3EG10

Package: 25kgs/bagColor: Natural/Black

The Ultramid ®- BASF brands are moulds based on PA6, PA66 and various copolyamides such as PA66/6. PA610 and semi-aromatic polyamides such as PA6T/6 are also part of the range.
The most important properties of Ultramid®
* High strength and stiffness
* Very good toughness
* Excellent chemical resistance
* Low creep response
* Customized dimensional durability
* Easy processing

Ultramid® ‒ versatility in material and application
Because of the manifold and tailor-made characteristics of Ultramid® many applications are possible, especially in automotive construction, electrical engineering and electronics, in household technology, industrial connection, photovoltaics, in construction and installation, furniture, the sanitary industry and in mechanical engineering.

Processing of Ultramid®Ultramid® can be processed by all methods known for thermoplastics. The main methods are injection molding and extrusion. Complex moldings are economically manufactured in large numbers from Ultramid® by injection molding. The extrusion method is used to produce films, semi-finished products, pipes, profiled parts, sheet and monofilaments. Semi-finished products are usually further processed by cutting tools to form finished molded parts.


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PA66 Ultramid A3WG6 UN/BK20560 polyamide Resins