PA66 Technyl A216 BK

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Package: 25kgs/bagColor: Natural/Black

Technyl® is now Ultramid® The molding compounds are available unreinforced, reinforced with glass fibers or minerals and also reinforced with long-glass fibers for special applications. Ultramid® is noted for its high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal stability. In
addition, Ultramid® offers good toughness at low temperatures, favorable sliding friction behavior and can be processed without any problems.

The most important properties of Ultramid®
* High strength and rigidity
* Very good impact strength
* Outstanding resistance to chemicals
* Low tendency to creep
* Dimensional stability
* Simple processing

Ultramid® ‒ versatility in material and application
Because of the manifold and tailor-made characteristics of Ultramid® many applications are possible, especially in automotive construction, electrical engineering and electronics, in household technology, industrial connection, photovoltaics, in construction and installation, furniture, the sanitary industry and in mechanical engineering.


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A216 BK

PA66 Technyl A216 BK