(PVDF) Kureha KF Polymer 1500 (KF1500) Polyvinylidene Fluoride Resin

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KUREHA KF Polymer 1500 (KF1500)

KUREHA KF Polymer is polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF), first produced in Japan on an industrial scale by Kureha in1970. This engineering plastic balances the superior properties of a fluoride resin with the moldability of general-purpose resins. It is widely used in fields requiring resistance to heat, corrosion and weather, including electronic materials, fishing lines, and strings for musical instruments such as guitars and violins. The range of applications has expanded to leading-edge technologies, and it now also serves as binder material for electrodes in lithium-ion batteries and membrane filters for water treatment.

Excellent moldability (injection and extrusion) surpassing other fluoride resins, can be used as a coating powder, and enables secondary workability such as welding.

No plasticizers or heat stabilizers are needed for processing, so compared to other general-purpose resins, elution of TOC (Total Organic Carbon), metals, or metal ions is extremely low, providing a high-purity resin.

Excellent chemical resistance makes the material applicable for pipes in chemical plants or other industrial facilities.

Excellent heat and weather resistance makes it applicable for outdoor covering films.

Good mechanical strength provides excellent resistance to abrasion and impact.

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Kureha KF Polymer 1500 Kureha KF Polymer 1500 Kureha KF Polymer 1500


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Kureha KF Polymer 1500

(PVDF) Kureha KF Polymer 1500 (KF1500) Polyvinylidene Fluoride Resin