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20MM PA6 PA66 Panel is a type of plastic that has excellent wear resistance and high tensile strength. Cast NYLON also has a high impact resistance, high heat distortion temperature, resistant to abrasion and getaran. Sizes 1000mm x 2000mm, 1220mm x 2440mm Thickness 0.8mm – 100mm.


High quality Nylon | PA SHEET

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PA6 Nylon SheetNylon Sheetnylon pa6 sheet




Nylon Board

Key Features and Benefits

1.Very high sliding properties
2.High mechanical strength
3.Good fatigue resistance
4.Excellent wear resistance
5.Absorbs moisture so cannot be underwater
6.High impact strength and toughness
7.Low power factor requirements
8.High wear resistance


1.Natural nylon is an excellent food grade plastic
2.Black nylon is used where lubrication is required
3.High load bearings& Wear pads
4.Support and guide wheels
5.Conveyor and tension rollers
6.Wire rope sheaves& Buffer pads
7.Gears,etc High impact wear parts&Bushes





PA6 Nylon Sheet0.8-100mmGreen,Blue,White,Black,Yellow etc600*1200m





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High quality Nylon | PA SHEET

20MM Nylon PA6 PA66 Panel | High quality Nylon | PA SHEET