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Good Polyether ether ketone | PEEK KetaSpireKT-820 | PEEK TUBE

PEEK Tube Introduction and Characteristics

Polyether ether ketone resin (PEEK resin) is a new type of semi-crystalline aromatic thermoplastic engineering plastic prepared by condensation of 4,4’-difluorobenzopheneone and hydroquinone in the presence of alkali metal carbonate with diphenylsulfone as solvent. It’s high temperature thermoplastic plastic with high glass transition temperature( 143℃ )and melting point( 334℃ ). Its load thermal deformation temperature is as high as 316℃(30% glass fiber reinforced or carbon fiber reinforced PEEK). It can be used in 250℃ for a long time. Compared with other high temperature resistant plastics like PI, PPS, PTFE and PPO, the upper limit of operation temperature of PEEK is nearly 50℃ higher.

1: High temperature resistance.

The long-term using temperature certificated by UL is 260℃. Even if the temperature is as high as 300℃, it can also maintain good mechanical properties.

2: Wearing resistance. Under many harsh environment like high temperature, heavy load and strong corrosion, PEEK and its compound materials are in good property of wearing resistance.

3: Self-lubricating. PEEK possesses lower friction coefficient and can realize operating without lubricant. It can serve long time work in mediums like oil, water, steam, weak acid and base peek tube.

4: Corrosion resistance. PEEK is insoluble in ordinary solvents. It enjoys good corrosion resistant property for all kinds of organic and inorganic chemical reagents.

5: High strength. PEEK has high mechanical strength, rigidity and surface hardness.

6: Easy to process. Parts can be manufactured by injection molding. They can also be post processed by turning, milling, drilling, tapping, splicing and ultrasonic welding.

7: Hydrolysis resistance. PEEK Tube products can continuously work for thousands of hours without obvious degradation of performance in steam over 250℃ or water under high pressure.

8: Flame retardant. Without the use of any additives, the flammable level of PEEK tube sample with 1.45mm thickness is UL94 V-0.

9: Low smoke and innocuousness. The smoke and gas are low while burning

10: Electrical performance. PEEK can maintain stable and outstanding electrical performance in a wide range of temperature and frequency peek tube.

11: Radiation resistance. PEEK has excellent Radiation resistance property of high dose γ rays. The mechanical properties can be saved completely to serve as Radiation resistant parts in nuclear equipment.

12: Stable size./Dimensional stability.


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Good Polyether ether ketone | PEEK KetaSpireKT-820 | PEEK TUBE

PEEK Tube Products | Good Polyether ether ketone | PEEK KetaSpireKT-820 | PEEK TUBE