Dyneon PFA 6505TZ Best Fluoroplastic Granules Resins

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Dyneon PFA

Dyneon PFA 6505TZ
PFA 6505TZ (a fully fluorinated copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluorovinylether) has exceptional temperature resistance, excellent electrical properties and excellent chemical inertness and weather resistance. It is used in molded valves, pumps, tanks, filters, pipes, and in wire and cable applications.

DyneonFluoroplastic Granules PFA 6505TZ is a fluorothermoplastic resin suitable for producing plastic parts using traditional thermoplastic processing methods, including extrusion and injection molding. In addition to the chemical and thermal properties of PFA, it offers good stress crack resistance which makes it useful in many Chemical Processing (CPI) and Semiconductor applications.

Dyneon fluoroplastic granules PFA 6505TZ is a melt processable, partially crystalline fluoroplastic resin which offers a valuable combination of properties, such as non-stick, chemical resistance and non-flammable qualities. It can be extruded or injection molded into parts such as tubing, valve parts and fittings, using specialized equipment.

Storage and Material Handling
PFA 6505TZ shouldbestored in a clean, and dry place. This fluorothermoplastic is hydrophobic and generally does not require drying before processing unless high humidity conditions create surface moisture adsorption.

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Dyneon PFA 6505TZ


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Dyneon PFA 6505TZ

Dyneon PFA 6505TZ Best Fluoroplastic Granules Resins