DuPont PA6 Zytel 7301 NC010 Natural Nylon Resin

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Product DetailsZytel PA


Product DetailsZytel PA

Zytel® PA is a cost-effective, high-performance polyamide nylon suitable for a wide range of applications.

Zytel® PA polyamide nylon is specified for a variety of uses, from car parts to protecting sensitive electronic components. It’s performance-tested for strength, heat resistance, and durability.

The versatility of Zytel® PA polyamide nylon has been demonstrated by its selection for thousands of applications. DuPont material science resources draw on their real-world knowledge and experience to collaborate in helping customers on new applications. Properties of Zytel® PA include:

Excellent insulating/electrical resistanceTested heat, humidity and chemical resistanceStrength and stiffness for metal replacementDimensional stabilityEasy to process, good moldability

Zytel PA OtherNylon Grade Types:

Zytel® 7301 NC010PA6

Zytel® 7304 NC010PA6

Zytel® 7335F NC010PA6

Zytel® 73G15HSL BK363PA6-GF15

Zytel® 73G15L NC010PA6-GF15

Zytel® 73G30HSL BK416PA6-GF30

Zytel® 73G30HSL NC010PA6-GF30

Zytel® 73G30L NC010PA6-GF30

Zytel® 73G30T BK261PA6-I-GF30

Zytel® 73G30T NC010PA6-I-GF30

Zytel® 73G30TGI BK267PA6-I-GF30

Zytel® 73G35HSL BK262PA6-GF35

Zytel® 73G40T BK416PA6-I-GF40

Zytel® 73G45 BK263PA6-GF45

Zytel® 73G45L NC010PA6-GF45

Zytel® 73G50HSLA BK416PA6-GF50

Zytel® 74G33W BK196(PA66+PA6)-GF33

Zytel® 74G33W NC010(PA66+PA6)-GF33

Zytel® BM7300THS BK317PA6-I

Zytel® BM73G15P BK317PA6-I-GF15

Zytel® BM73G15THS BK317PA6-I-GF15

Zytel® FG7301 NC010PA6

Zytel® FN727 NC010APA6…

Zytel® PLS93G35DH1 BK549PA6-GF35

Zytel® ST7301 BK356PA6-I

Zytel® ST7301 NC010PA6-I

Zytel® ST811HS BK038PA6-I

Zytel® ST811HS NC010PA6-I


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Zytel 7301

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Zytel 7301

DuPont PA6 Zytel 7301 NC010 Natural Nylon Resin