DuPont ETFE Tefzel HT-2160 Fluoroplastic Resin

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Product Details

ETFE Tefzel HT-2160


Product Details

ETFE Tefzel HT-2160

Fluoroplastic Resin

Tefzel ETFE HT-2160 fluoroplastic resin combines the chemical and high-temperature resistance of Tefzel with antistatic levels of electrical conductivity. Tefzel ETFE HT-2160 and the other Tefzel fluoroplastics are melt processible, modified copolymers of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. They are high-performance resins that can be processed at relatively high rates compared to other fluoroplastic resins. They are mechanically tough and offer an excellent balance of properties.

Typical Applications:
Tefzel ETFE HT-2160 resin can be used to manufacture extruded tubing, pipe, and other profiles for hose; linings of components used in the chemical processing industries; industrial film; and injection- and blow-molded articles requiring superior electrical, chemical, and thermal properties.

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DuPont ETFE Tefzel HT-2160 Fluoroplastic Resin