DuPont ETFE Tefzel 200 Fluoroplastic Resin222

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ETFE Tefzel 200


Product Details

ETFE Tefzel 200

Fluoroplastic Resin

Tefzel ETFE 200 is a general-purpose fluoroplastic resin available in translucent, 2.5-mm (0.1-in.) pellets. Compared to other grades of Tefzel™ , its most unique features are an intermediate flow rate and a balance of properties that make it suitable for a variety of processes and demanding end uses.

Typical Applications:
Tefzel ETFE 200 is ideal for many end products, including electrical components, such as sleeving, coil forms, sockets, connectors, and switches; lab ware, such as tubing, valves, containers, and dishes; battery or instrument components that require chemical inertness; chemical service items, such as valve components, seal glands, pipe plugs, and corrugated tubing; and film.

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Tefzel 200

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Tefzel 200

DuPont ETFE Tefzel 200 Fluoroplastic Resin222