(PPA) Amodel DW-1140/DW-1150 Black/Natural Resins

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Amodel PPA

Amodel DW-1140
Amodel DW-1150

Amodel PPA outperforms standard polyamides with higher strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures, better retention of properties in humid environments, and greater resistance to a broader range of chemicals.

Higher Heat Resistance
Amodel PPA is used to replace metal in high-temperature automotive applications. Continuous-use temperatures range from 120°C to 185°C (248°F to 365°F). Heat deflection temperatures (HDT) go up to 310°C (590°F).

Lower Moisture Absorption
Humid environments can have a devastating effect on the mechanical properties of standard polyamides. Amodel PPA’s lower water absorption rate results in significantly less change in strength and stiffness, even with high levels of humidity.

Better Chemical Resistance
Amodel PPA’s highly aromatic ring structure provides greater resistance to a broader range of chemicals than standard aliphatic polyamides, even at high temperatures.

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Amodel DW-1140


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Amodel DW-1140

(PPA) Amodel DW-1140/DW-1150 Black/Natural Resins