DuPont PA66 Zytel 103FHS NC010 Natural Nylon Resin

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Product DetailsZytel PA


Product DetailsZytel PA

Zytel® PA is a cost-effective, high-performance polyamide nylon suitable for a wide range of applications.

Zytel® PA polyamide nylon is specified for a variety of uses, from car parts to protecting sensitive electronic components. It’s performance-tested for strength, heat resistance, and durability.

The versatility of Zytel® PA polyamide nylon has been demonstrated by its selection for thousands of applications. DuPont material science resources draw on their real-world knowledge and experience to collaborate in helping customers on new applications. Properties of Zytel® PA include:

Excellent insulating/electrical resistanceTested heat, humidity and chemical resistanceStrength and stiffness for metal replacementDimensional stabilityEasy to process, good moldability

Zytel PA OtherNylon Grade Types:

Zytel 101 NC010

Zytel 101 NC010D

Zytel 101F NC010

Zytel 101F BKB009

Zytel 101L NC010

Zytel 101L BKB009

Zytel 103FHS BKB009

Zytel 103FHS NC010

Zytel 103FHL NC010

Zytel 105F BK010

Zytel 132F NC010

Zytel70G13L NC010


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DuPont PA66 Zytel 103FHS NC010 Natural Nylon Resin