Basf launches RegXcellence®, a new regulatory service for plastic additives

Basf launches RegXcellence®, a new regulatory service for plastic additives

Basf launches RegXcellence®, a new regulatory service for plastic additives

Basf has launched RegXcellence®, a new regulatory service for its plastic additive customers, offering a range of targeted global regulatory support. RegXcellence provides consulting support through digital solutions to simplify regulatory management and accelerate innovation delivery.

As the regulatory environment continues to change, companies around the world face increasing challenges in navigating complex regulatory frameworks while maintaining compliance.

“As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic additives, we leverage our extensive experience in the plastics industry and our solid knowledge of product management and chemicals regulations to stay ahead of changing regulatory trends,” said Dr. Thomas Kloster, President of BASF’s Specialty Chemicals business unit. We actively support the needs of our customers to ensure their responsible and appropriate use of additive products. With the successful expansion of RegXcellence services into the plastic additives business, our customers can benefit from our extensive regulatory services and expertise. In addition, we can work with our clients to reduce business risk, accelerate innovation and achieve sustainability through regulatory compliance.”

As this service expands, customers of plastic additives can access regulatory documents through a convenient digital solution. A global community of regulatory experts is also able to assess relevant environmental, health and safety data and provide support to clients in relation to registration services or process and substance advice.

Basf already offers RegXcellence services to customers in its fuels and lubricants solutions, plasticizers, pharmaceutical solutions and human nutrition businesses.

RegXcellence for plastic additives is part of VALERAS™ product portfolio. Through VALERAS, BASF is committed to applying innovative solutions and products from the plastic additives business to improve the sustainability of plastics throughout the polymer value chain.




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