Surlyn PC-2000 /PC-2200/PC-350/ AE4500/DM-1 Ionomers Resin

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Surlyn PC-2000 /PC-2200/PC-350/ AE4500/DM-1 Ionomers Resin

Surlyn PC-2000
Surlyn PC-2200
Surlyn PC-350
Surlyn AE4500
Surlyn DM-1


SURLYN Ionomers have long been a go-to option for flexible packaging formats such as sachets, pillow pouches, flow-wrap packages, composite cans and stand-up pouches. SURLYN Ionomers are used in a wide variety of food and non-food packaging.

Low sealing temperature
Very broad sealing temperature range
Excellent hot tack strength
Very high clarity and gloss for see-through films
Excellent oil/grease resistance
Superb thermoformability
Outstanding seal through contamination
Very good aluminum adhesion
Puncture resistance
Scratch resistance

No wonder SURLYN Ionomers easily morph into both flexible and rigid packaging applications. And excel with innovative uses in each.

SURLYN Ionomers have everything this popular application needs. They deliver uniform deformation during thermoforming. Their combination of high shrink rate and low shrink force means a tight draw around the package while maintaining the original shape of even the most delicate products. The always-present puncture resistance completes the package.

The same aspects of durability and optics found in SURLYN Ionomers’ flexible applications translate to distinctive rigid packaging uses – particularly products projecting a higher-end look and feel.

In cosmetic packaging, injected molded structures bring scratch resistance, chemical resistance and excellent aesthetics – transparency in particular – to distinctive caps and closures.

Rigid containers benefit from an almost mirror-like high-gloss appeal. And those containers can stretch the imagination for uses – from hair care and other personal care items to a variety of beverages, spirits and liquors. There’s impact resistance behind the good looks, too.

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Surlyn PC-2000


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Surlyn PC-2000

Surlyn PC-2000 /PC-2200/PC-350/ AE4500/DM-1 Ionomers Resin