PCTG Tritan TX2001/ TX2001-25/ TX2001-50 uncolored copolyester

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Eastman Tritan TX2001/TX2001-25/TX2001-50



Eastman Tritan TX2001/TX2001-25/TX2001-50
Package: 25kgs/bag
Product description
Eastman Tritan TX2001 is an amorphous copolyester with excellent appearance and clarity. Tritan TX2001 contains a mold release derived from vegetable based sources. Its most outstanding features are excellent toughness, hydrolytic stability, and heat and chemical resistance. This new-generation copolyester can also be molded into various applications without incorporating high levels of residual stress. Combined with Tritan's outstanding chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability, these features give molded products enhanced durability in the dishwasher environment, which can expose products to high heat, humidity, and aggressive cleaning agents. Tritan TX2001 is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 51 for Food Equipment Materials and is also certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 – Drinking Water System Components-Health Effects.

* Appliances (food contact)
* Auto plastics
* Automotive
* Commercial housewares
* Compounders
* Consumer electronics
* Consumer housewares – food contact (fc)
* Consumer housewares-NFC
* Eyewear
* Large appliances non-food contact
* Lighting

* Non-kitchen appliances
* Non-medical housings & hardware for elec
* Outdoor signs
* Packaging components non food contact
* Personal care & cosmetics packaging
* Process additives
* Small appliances non-food contact
* Tools
* Toys
* Water/sport bottles

Key attributes
* Ease of processing
* Excellent clarity
* Excellent hydrolytic stability
* Fast drying times
* Good chemical resistance
* Good heat resistance
* Outstanding impact resistance
* Quick cycle times

TX2001-25 TX2001

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