IXEF 1002 Natural Black PARA Resin

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IXEF1002 Natural/Black

Ixef 1002 is a 30% glass-fiber reinforced, General Purpose polyarylamide compound which exhibits high strength and rigidity, outstanding surface finish, and excellent creep resistance.

High flow into thin walls
In addition, Ixef PARA is an extremely high-flow resin so it can readily fill walls as thin as 0.5 mm, even with glass loadings as high as 60%.

Excellent Surface Finish
Superb, resin-rich surface provides a highly polished appearance, even with high glass fiber content.

Very High Strength and Stiffness
The tensile and flexural strength of Ixef compounds are similar to many cast metals and alloys at ambient temperature. Ixef 1032 (60% glass fiber) exhibits typical values of 280 MPa and 400 MPa respectively at 23°C (73°F).

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IXEF 1002


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IXEF 1002

IXEF 1002 Natural Black PARA Resin