Good PTFE 7A X (7AX) Fluoroplastic Resin

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Fluoroplastic Resin

PTFE 7A X is a white powder with a small particle size. Its small particle size helps to minimize voids, even at relatively low molding pressures. High bulk density increases the size of moldings possible from a given mold or press opening.
PTFE 7A X is preferred for large moldings requiring optimum mechanical and electrical properties. It offers an excellent combination of properties that are characteristic of Teflon fluoroplastic resins.

PTFE 7A X usually is processed in two steps: preforming and sintering. The powder is first compacted into a preformed shape approximating that of the desired molding. A precise heating (sintering) and cooling cycle is then used to consolidate the molding at temperatures above the crystalline melting point of the neat powder. The properties of a finished molding are dependent on perform pressure, sintering time and temperature, and cooling rate.
PTFE 7A X is used to make relatively large objects in molds that can be filled manually. Small particle resins do not flow properly in automatic feeding systems.

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Good PTFE 7A X Good PTFE 7A X Good PTFE 7A X


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Good PTFE 7A X

Good PTFE 7A X (7AX) Fluoroplastic Resin