Best EMS Grilamid LV-2A NZ/LV-3A H Natural Black PA12 Nylon Resin

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Grilamid PA12

Grilamid Polyamide 12 (PA12) is formed by the polymerisation of laurolactam, a ring-shaped, long-chain monomer with 12 carbon atoms. Laurolactam, often called lactam 12, is obtained in a complex, multiple-step process from the basic raw material butadiene. EMS is backward integrated for lactam 12 and produces it in a joint-venture where EMS holds a two-third majority.

Depending on formulation and viscosity, Grilamid PA12 can be processed using a range of different methods such as injection-moulding, pipe extrusion, film extrusion or blow-moulding.

Regional Availability
North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South and Central America, Near East/Africa
Product Attributes
Improved flowability and demoulding, Improved alcohol resistance
Automotive electr. and electronics, lighting, Cooling and climate control, Fuel systems, Powertrain and Chassis , Interior
Electricals & Electronics
Electrical appliances, Electrical equipment, Connectors, Energy distribution, Lighting, Mobile phones and other portable devices
Industry & Consumer goods
Housewares, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Mechanical Engineering, Medical devices, Power transmission, Sanitary, water and gas supply, Sports & Leisure, Tools & Accessories
Optical components, Safety glasses, Sunglasses, Spectacle frames
Food Contact
EU Requirements, FDA

EMS Grilamid LV-2A NZ
EMS Grilamid LV-3A H
PA12 (Polyamide 12) Nylon

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EMS Grilamid LV-2A NZ


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EMS Grilamid LV-2A NZ

Best EMS Grilamid LV-2A NZ/LV-3A H Natural Black PA12 Nylon Resin