Dyneon FEP 6301Z Best Fluoroplastic Granules Resins

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Dyneon FEP 6301Z
DyneonFluoroplastic Granules FEP 6301Z is used in extrusion and transfer molding for the Chemical Processing Industry (CPI) and general industrial applications. It features exceptional thermal and chemical resistance, and is the highest molecular weight FEP available in our portfolio.

Benefits of High Molecular Weight
DyneonFluoroplastic FEP Granules 6301Z is suitable for use in extremely demanding applications due to its high molecular weight. Dyneon fluoroplastic FEP granules 6301Z features high temperature and chemical resistance, making it suitable for CPI applications – generally in compression and transfer molding, as well as extrusion. Depending on the demands of the application this material may be suitable up to about 200°C (392°F) and has a very high limiting oxygen index (LOI). It is typically selected for applications where a more robust FEP is needed and where processing flexibility and speed are not important selection criteria.

Storage and Material Handling
FEP 6301Z, FEP 6303Z and FEP 6307Z have an unlimited shelf life provided they are stored in a clean, dry place in the original unopened container.FEP 6301Z, FEP 6303Z and FEP 6307Z are hydrophobic,and generally do not require drying before processing unless high humidity conditions create surface moisture adsorption.

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Dyneon FEP 6301Z


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Dyneon FEP 6301Z

Dyneon FEP 6301Z Best Fluoroplastic Granules Resins