Super poly PEEK resin raw material | Best Polyether ether ketone | PEEK KetaSpireKT-1211FP | PEEK RESIN

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Best Polyether ether ketone | PEEK KetaSpireKT-1211FP | PEEK RESIN

PEEK5600G (brown gray/earth yellow) is made of pure polyether ether ketone resin, which has good toughness and impact resistance among all PEEK grades. Pure PEEK can be sterilized by convenient sterilization methods (steam, dry heat, ethanol and Y-ray), and the raw material composition of PEEK complies with EU and US FDA regulations on food compliance. These characteristics make it suitable for medical, pharmaceutical and The food processing industry is widely used.



01 Synthetic monomer raw materials are expensive:

The two main monomers required for PEEK polymerization, 4,4′-difluorobenzophenone and hydroquinone, are expensive. In addition, there are relatively high requirements for the particle size and purity of the sodium salt used;

02 The reaction conditions are harsh and the cost is high:

The PEEK polymerization process must ensure the reaction in an oxygen-free state, and the reaction temperature is as high as 310-340°C. In order to obtain a higher purity PEEK resin, it is necessary to perform dozens of alcohol refinement processes and water washing processes on the crude product;

03 High technical requirements:

PEEK has good processing properties, but because the melting point of PEEK is as high as 343°C and the adhesion of PEEK is relatively strong, the material and structure of the barrel, screw, mold of the molding equipment, and the temperature control requirements of the equipment are relatively high;

04 There are many types of products, and the early R&D cost is high:

In order to meet the requirements of various working conditions of customers, not only the commonly used carbon fiber reinforced, glass fiber reinforced and other basic grades, but also the development of anti-static grades, conductive grades, wear-resistant grades, high-strength grades, etc.; at the same time, pre-structure design, A large amount of research and development work such as mold design, process design, and mold trial;

05 Small batches of products, many non-standard specifications :

Due to the excellent comprehensive performance of PEEK, it can be used in a wide range of industries, but most of them are used in special occasions on equipment, so the dimensions, structural characteristics, specifications and models are different. At present, we have come into contact with more than 1,500 products that use PEEK;

06 Most of them are in the trial stage, and the promotion cost is high:

PEEK synthesis has always been monopolized by Vigers in the UK. PEEK has been promoted and used abroad for 30 years. However, the understanding and application of PEEK materials in the domestic market has just begun. Many customers are in the trial stage, and the promotion cost is relatively high;

07 High product requirements and many processing procedures:

Because PEEK materials are expensive, customers have relatively high requirements for finished products. Appearance quality, tolerances, surface finish, etc. need to be strictly controlled. Some products are complicated in structure, so there are more processing procedures and more personnel that need to participate, resulting in costs. Increase.


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Best Polyether ether ketone PEEK KetaSpireKT-1211FP PEEK RESIN

Super poly PEEK resin raw material | Best Polyether ether ketone | PEEK KetaSpireKT-1211FP | PEEK RESIN